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⌟ Financial Advisory Concierge/Coaching

This is an all inclusive service and it’s like having a financial advisor in your back pocket, wherever you go.  Sometimes we all just need accountability – like a gym trainer, this service is meant to guide you along the way – making tweaks as you progress.  As with everything in life, situations often change: it could be a new job, a life event such as marriage or a new addition to family, changes in rent, planning for a much-needed vacation, or your financial situation or objectives have changed. We believe in a holistic approach and that continuous dialogue are key to building a great relationship with an advisor who truly understands you and is able to guide you to financial success.  We’re here to be your Financial Team Captain, to help guide and adjust your plan in real time based on how you are progressing and as your goals and life changes. 

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Our approach to Financial Concierge Service is very simple.  We are here to help guide you through financial decisions.  These decisions can be as trivial as deciding what to do with that extra $5,000 you got from your tax refund to a complex analysis on whether you should buy or lease a car.  Just starting off?  We take a snapshot of your current picture and analyze your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities and build a tax efficient plan so that you can rest easy knowing you’re financially secure and working towards your goals, which are unique to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why Should I Consider Financial Advisory Concierge Service?

A: Pi Capital’s concierge service is an affordable solution, especially for those who are currently going through life events or do not know necessarily what they need help with. This is an open platform where any financially related question can be asked and you’ll get a response from one of our experts. Pi Capital also has a professional network to assist with items that may fall outside of its Financial expertise. The end goal is to provide knowledge and educate our clients so that we can grow together.

Q : How Much Does Financial Advisory Concierge Service Cost?

A: Our Financial Advisory Concierge Service typically ranges from $99-$199 monthly. This varies based on the level of service needed and often relates to the complexity of one’s financial situation.

Q : What if I don’t like the Financial Concierge & Coaching Service?

A: Our signature Financial Concierge/Coaching allows for maximum flexibility as it’s month to month. We firmly believe that you’ll value this service and even though a bulk of the evaluation is done at the onset, you can cancel any time after the initial 3 months.  We want to grow when your assets, investments, and savings grow.  As an added bonus, if you have a minimum amount managed under our Investment / Portfolio Management, our Concierge / Financial Coaching Service is complimentary as a distinguishing factor as compared to other advisors.

Q : Is it truly Unlimited?

A:Yes!  We believe that because we provide you the education and tools and empower you to make decisions, you’ll begin to feel comfortable making some financial decisions on your own.  You may text, email, and set up a call as often as you like – this is also the most efficient way to get things done.  Due to potential scheduling issues, we do limit an in-person visit to once per month – which we believe is plenty of time; it’s much more than the average of once a year that you get with a typical advisor.

Concierge Service Benefits

  • One low monthly fee for unlimited advice.
  • Ask questions via phone, text, or email any time throughout the month. Get quick and thorough responses.
  • As your situation changes, you’ll be able to tap the expertise of an advisor continuously.
  • Tailored individual advice from someone who has gotten to know you.

Examples Of Questions You Might Ask

  • I’m a bit overwhelmed.  How do I start planning for future financial security or retirement? Where do I begin?
  • How does the new tax law affect me and how can I plan around it?
  • I am able to put more money to work for me; where should I put it and what type of account should I consider?
  • I recently got married or had a new addition to the family – how does this affect me?
  • I want to get a new car – should I lease, buy, or finance?
  • How can I increase my credit score?
  • Can using a credit card help me?


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