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⌟ Investment Management

Have you already saved money in a bank account or retirement account? Let’s work together to build a portfolio that appreciates over time. 

Our team executes a comprehensive strategy for every client.  We take into consideration your individual financial profile, including investment objectives, goals, risk appetite, net worth, and overall history, to create a well-balanced and diversified portfolio to address your needs.

If you have cash ready to put to work, or, have existing investments that aren’t obtaining the returns that you’d like, set up a free consultation today!


Here’s how I’ll help you through the process:

1. Gather information with respect to your goals and preferences.

2. Analyze and suggest multiple investment alternatives

3. Execute on selected investment plan


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why do I need an investment advisor?

A: An investment advisor will help you build an appropriate, well diversified portfolio that suits your needs. Additionally, an advisor will help guide you through the dynamic ups and downs of the markets and reallocate your portfolio accordingly.

Q : How much money do I need to get started?

A: Our recommended starting portfolio size is $50,000; however, Pi Capital firmly believes in growing with its client base and helping people start on their journey. We can get started with a monthly investment plan and build from the ground up.

Q : How Does it Work?

A: Pi Capital partners with Interactive Brokers, which would house your brokerage account. You will have full transparency over all trades, balances, and statements at any given point in time and authorize Pi Capital to trade on your behalf.

Q : I am new to investing and am nervous – is this right for me?

A:That is perfectly fine. We are here to spend the time to ensure that you understand the investment products, growth projections, and risks of investments. There are a wide range of investments to choose from – from a very conservative portfolio to more aggressive – from a simple structure to more complex. A portfolio will be suggested that meets your objective and risk tolerance. We don’t move forward until you’re ready to do so.

Important Things to Consider

  • Generally speaking, the higher possible returns, the higher the risk and the longer the recommended investment period.
  • Tax efficient investments may help round out your portfolio.  This will depend on your specific case.
  • With the help of an advisor, your portfolio will be actively monitored.
  • With compounding growth – the earlier you start, the better.

I Will Help You Understand:

  • How investment products work and what the benefits and risks are.
  • Which investment account type works best.
  • Compounding growth and how this affects your bottom line
  • Risks to consider and the benefit of a well diversified portfolio


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