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⌟ Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to think about setting aside funds for the distant future especially when you have ordinary expenses to worry about. 

We help you understand the importance of starting early and how compounding growth and time are both on your side. This, paired together with an investment strategy, can help you achieve your goals. If you wait too long to start saving, it will be that much more difficult and expensive. 

Given historical average returns in the stock market, did you know that if you saved and invested $200/mo consistently for 40 years, you might have $1,000,000 by the time you retire? However if you wait 10 years to start, you’d only have $395,000. Call us today so we can get compounding interest to work for you.


Retirement planning not only secures your financial future but can also give you financial freedom and independence so that you can pursue your true passions or retire early.

1. Information gathering on current retirement accounts.
2. Determine your goals including the necessary income needed at retirement.
3. Evaluate your goals versus your current retirement accounts (it’s OK if you haven’t started yet!) and develop a plan to reach your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How much do I need to retire?

A: This will depend upon your own lifestyle, income producing assets, liabilities, etc. This is something that can be evaluated.

Q : I haven’t started saving for retirement at all. How can I catch up?

A: We’ll help you evaluate where you are and help you get on track for retirement based on your living habits and when you want to retire. In many cases, catching up is easy to do with a disciplined approach – this usually includes a higher monthly savings plan for a temporary time period.

Q : What if I already have enough saved?

A: We evaluate and do scenario analysis to determine your expected income from
your retirement based on various growth projections. Additionally, we evaluate your investment allocation to ensure that the portfolio mix is appropriate – this is especially important with higher balances and depending on your time to

I’ve heard that I should be more cautious with investments in my retirement accounts?

A: This will depend on an individual’s circumstance; however, in general, the younger you are the more likely you would want to invest in a more aggressive strategy.  The general reasoning for this is that a younger individual may have more time to ride market fluctuations (bull/bear markets), and over the long term, benefit from a larger potential upside swing in his/her portfolio.  Typically, as one approaches retirement, most of our clients will likely desire a more conservative portfolio.

Possible Risks For Not Saving Early

  • You will lose out on valuable time, which can affect your future retirement balance by tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.
  • You may need to set aside much more money in the future to reach your retirement goals.

How We Can Help:

  • Evaluate your current Retirement Accounts, your desired retirement goals, and evaluate if you are on track.
  • We can help you learn about the different types of retirement accounts available.
  • Come up with a plan to reach your goals. We will determine the amount that you should be saving every month to reach your targets.


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