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⌟ Financial Evaluation

Everybody goes to see a doctor if something is bothering them, or for their annual checkup. Howoften do we check on our financial health? We evaluate your assets, liabilities, income, expenses,
and make suggestions based on where you currently are and where you want to be. This includes advice on developing a tax efficient plan for retirement (IRA, SEP IRA, Roth IRA) or for educational expenses (529s) and ensuring that you’re taking advantage of tax protected accounts that suit your needs. Exploring expert advice can save you thousands of dollars.


We believe in a holistic approach, which makes the discovery process of information gathering one of the most important steps. Our aim is to help you on a path toward financial stability and independence.

1. Initial meeting to gather information statements, goals, debt information, monthly expenses)
2. Evaluation of all information and generate a recommendations list


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why should I hire a financial advisor?

A: A financial advisor will use their expert knowledge to analyze your specific scenario and make recommendations for debt reduction, retirement savings, tax efficient techniques, and to develop a plan to secure your future financial success. An advisor often can execute strategies on your behalf that could save you thousands of dollars.

Q : Can I get help with my credit card debts from a financial advisor?

A: Absolutely! We evaluate your individual needs and suggest appropriate options. Credit card debt is one of the worst debts that you can carry, depending on the actual terms. The typical credit card charges interest of between 15-25% a year on unpaid balances. If you were to hold an average $10,000 balance on cards that’s
$1,500 to $2,500 in interest you are paying each year!

Q : I just started working out of college or at the beginning of my professional career – do I need a financial advisor?

A: We believe that partnering with a Financial Advisor early on will make a significant impact in the trajectory of your financial independence. It’s also very important to start saving and investing early so your money can grow for a longer time-period. We believe in a well-balanced lifestyle. You should enjoy life but also think about your future.

Q : I have a small business – can you help?

A: Yes – there are several things to look into to ensure your business is set up to be tax efficient. For example, are you set up as an LLC or Corp? Do you currently pay yourself a salary through your business? Do you have a SEP IRA set up. Learn the ins and outs of why this matters and how you can minimize your current tax liabilities.

Possible Risks

We Explore Together,

  • Prioritize and develop a plan to meet your short and long term goals
  • Your future goals and aspirations of financial independence
  • Your current retirement plans and make recommendations on 401K and IRA investments
  • Debt reduction plans
  • Identify where you stand and if you are on track based on your objectives.
  • We Will help you to understand:

    • Prioritize and develop a plan to meet your short and long term goals
    • Evaluate with hard numbers what you need based on when you want to retire and what you already have saved.
    • Understand the different types of retirement account that are available and the power of compounding