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⌟Savings and Investing for a Specific Goal

We all have dreams and aspirations. Whether you have decided to save up for a house, a new car, a well-deserved vacation, or your child’s college education – we can help you come up with a plan to reach your goal. We’ll go through savings techniques and recommend the appropriate investment mix for you.

Already have a goal already in mind? Call us today for a free consultation to find out what’s the most effective way to do this!


1. Initial Meeting: Discuss what you currently have saved and what your specific goals are.
2. Determine your risk tolerance and time horizon.
2. Suggest savings strategies and investment recommendations.

How we will help you save for a long term goal

  • Monthly saving techniques to achieve your goals.
  • Investment recommendations based on your goals. You need to ensure that your money is growing but at the appropriate risk given its purpose.
  • How compounding interest and growth can help you.
  • And More!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How do I develop my own financial plan?

A: Developing your own plan takes discipline and an analytical approach.  We can advise you on many resources out there.  For those who don’t want to go at it alone, we’re here to help you evaluate your options and walk you through everything.  It takes a lot of discipline and patience (and often time some help) to develop a plan and get started.

Q : Why can’t I just put everything into a savings account?

A: You can, but you’ll likely miss out on higher growth opportunities. Investment options range from your fixed rate CDs to investment in the stock market to fixed income bonds and more complex instruments. We help match the appropriate investments based on your needs. A house down payment, for example, you’ll need to keep safe if you are looking to buy within a short time period. For other longer-term goals, other higher risk options that can offer more growth may be appropriate.

Q : Are there better ways to start savings for my child’s education than in a traditional CD or Investment Account?

A:Yes. 529’s were developed specifically for this. Some of the benefits include tax-free growth (certain restrictions apply – i.e. funds have to be used for higher education) and state tax deductions (depending on which state you live in). 529’s may not be right for everyone – so each individual circumstance needs to be evaluated. 529’s are also a great way for grandparents to peg funds for their grandchild’s education while benefiting from tax deductions (again, depends on the state you live in).

Q : I have a small business – can you help?

A: Yes – there are several things to look into to ensure your business is set up to be tax efficient. For example, are you set up as an LLC or Corp? Do you currently pay yourself a salary through your business? Do you have a SEP IRA set up? Learn the ins and outs of why this matters and how you can minimize your current tax liabilities.


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